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Based in the US, China and India, Analystoserve is an Intellectual Property (IP) research firm with a simple goal of helping startups, inventors, and their IP attorneys unlock and protect the value of patents. We leverage technology and global sourcing to facilitate delivery of high quality and cost effective IP research services. 

We are capable of searching and drafting in the fields of Electronics, Computers, Mechanical, Biotechnology, Chemical and Medical Technology. We can also do language translation for patents in French, German, and Japanese. Our team of engineers and PhDs carry a collective experience of 10000+ hours of Intellectual property services. 

Reach out to us for your prior art searches, invalidation searches, landscapes, patent drafting, or just to shoot an idea!

Leading Provider of Patent and Innovation Analysis for IP Attorneys, Start-ups, and Inventors

We create value for inventors, startups and IP attorneys. Our analysts in Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and New Delhi love to create this world more innovatiove! 


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Technology and Patent Landscapes, Expert Prior Art Searches, FTOs, Invalidation, and Patent Drafting Experts! 

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